What is ?

This is a simple site dedicated to supporting staking for the XRD token in the Radix Network, through our validator node.

It is owned by the community member known as @projectShift , and aims to better support the Radix Public Network (RPN) in staying secure.
It is not a business nor does it pretend to be one and there isn’t a company formally running it, although there are services rendered by companies to support all of the resources involved.

The fees collected from the staking services are used to cover costs and, if any profit is generated, it is 100% directed towards actions that benefit the Radix Community as a whole - just take a look at what we engage in by giving back.

Utility and sharing guide the purpose of having these resources running, but sustainability is the cornerstone of the strategy, so we do strive to be self-sufficient in terms of generating income in the form of XRD and optimize everything we can to maximize that, without incurring in unrealistic scenarios that are only possible with constant subsiding operations.

What should I consider for delegating to

While we hope you will consider reading through the whole site and really get to know our value proposition, there’s certainly motivation to have a quick glance at it, so check it out below:

  • Maximum amount of stake is self-limited
    As soon as the stake amount in the validator is detected to be above 1% of total stake, we close the node to any further delegations.
    We reopen the node for delegation if it lowers down but re-apply the limit every time it is once again reached.
    This means that we will do our best not be in control of more than 1% of total stake at any time โ€“ security comes from decentralization, not uptime ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • The Validator has a hot-standby node ready to replace it fast
    In case of any emergency or fault of the validator, it can be replaced very fast and minimize the impact it may have on the rewards obtained by delegators on their stake (typically in a few minutes and without any downtime on upgrades).
    We can resolve almost any outage scenario under one hour of maximum downtime (2 epochs or less), since the hot-standby nodes are in different regions, as the infrastructure spans from Canada to the UK, France, and Germany.

  • Commitment is for the long term
    We are already committed to the resources being used for a whole year, we are not going away even if costs canโ€™t be met in the short span โ€“ your stake is always sound with us.
    We are staking some of our own XRD to further develop funds to innovate along with Radix and that delegation is partially made to our validator, so thereโ€™s skin in the game.
    And our voyage in Radix is a four-decade strategic plan, this is but a start ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a short summary about what we provide, be sure to read through our value proposition before you make a decision. Should you not consider us a good choice, let us know why, so we can improve and, by all means, spread your stake for as many validators as possible - we advise a minimum of 5 and encourage you to go up to 30 ๐Ÿ™‚

In any case, don’t forget to join our Telegram announcements channel to keep yourself informed on 2021